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Marine Stewardship Council: Assessment of Pacific Salmon

Visual MSC

State of the Salmon supports rigorous and scientifically credible third-party assessments of commercial salmon fisheries. Since 2004, State of the Salmon has offered constructive suggestions on how to improve and advance application of the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) standard. Third-party assessments, if properly conducted, can improve public understanding of the status of salmon fisheries as well as encourage best management and sustainable fishing practices. We completed the following activities to monitor and review the various Pacific salmon fishery assessments under the MSC program:

Critical review of MSC scoring guidelines coupled with innovative ways of visualizing fishery assessments will help increase public awareness and participation in the salmon MSC certification processes around the entire Pacific Rim and enhance public understanding of salmon management performance in general. Ultimately, we believe this will bring us closer to our vision of full public disclosure on the condition of salmon stocks across the North Pacific and help catalyze significant improvements in salmon management and long-term resource health.

To find out the current status of MSC salmon fishery assessments visit our MSC update page

About MSC

The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) is the principal eco-label certifying the sustainability of commercial fisheries worldwide. To date, over 55 commercial fisheries have been certified under the MSC program, including Alaskan and Russian salmon; and over 50 more are under full assessment, including several salmon fisheries in British Columbia, California and Russia. There are now more than 1,000 MSC-labeled products sold in 61 countries. While consumer awareness of the MSC eco-label appears to be increasing, many consumers and stakeholders remain unaware of the important management performance results of the MSC assessments that can be found within the certification documents. Although MSC reports are publicly available, they are often lengthy and laden with technical jargon. Thus, State of the Salmon has initiated a project called the Visual MSC to map and visualize the MSC assessment results for broad public understanding.

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