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State of the Salmon is proud to host datasets for partner organizations. Currently, we are hosting for the Raincoast Conservation Foundation. Please if you are interested in having us assist you with any of your database or map-related needs.

Raincoast Conservation Foundation

Small stream surveys were carried out by members of the Heiltsuk Nation, volunteers, and staff of Raincoast Conservation Foundation between September 2003 and October 2006. The objective was to document salmon presence in small streams throughout Heiltsuk Traditional Territory, and other areas ofBritish Columbia's central and north coasts.

Raincoast identified 121 streams with salmon and trout that had not previously been documented for fish presence. They also documented trout and salmon species previously unrecorded in 25 known salmonid streams.

These stream surveys build on local knowledge, and create a comprehensive inventory of salmon resources that will facilitate discussions among the Heiltsuk First Nation in their discussions with resource managers. It also identifies important components of salmonid diversity and nutrient movement in this ecosystem. This project is an essential element to making informed decisions around land and marine use activities on the central coast of British Columbia.

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Read the full small streams survey final report (6.4mb pdf)

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